Video chat feedback contacts for sending messages, wishes, as well as solving other difficulties.

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Here you can use the email for feedback to resolve any questions or send your opinions and suggestions regarding the site.

For contacts regarding the selected video chat, please use the information and addresses listed below.

You can contact support about payment for services or video chats not working correctly, and you can also send complaints by e-mail.

Please select the chat from the lists below for which you want to contact support.

1. Contacts and email regarding the following video chats:

2. Contacts for communication and email regarding video chats:

3. Communication with the site administrator and questions regarding Free video chat and E-mail for sending various questions:

Cases in which users will be helped by communication through the site contacts

When communicating via webcam with random interlocutors, technical support or background information about the nuances of using random video chat via webcam may be required.

Please feel free to use the above contacts and contact us if:

- it is necessary to understand the Rules, clarify the meaning of any item, make suggestions;

- I want to understand the write-offs for paid services;

- you need to get specific answers to any other questions related to the video chat.

Please note that if the woman or man randomly selected for you does not correspond to your cherished desires and preferences, you can say goodbye at any time and continue searching for the ideal. If you have a particularly negative impression of the interlocutor or a clear violation of the Rules of the video chat, we ask you to take some of your time and write to us, informing us about the problem.

Two basic rules for making effective appeals to us

In general, when writing a letter to any of our addresses, it is not necessary to search out and eliminate errors too carefully. However, during business correspondence, it is desirable to correct them. We treat emoticons calmly, but since usually the essence of the difficulties that appear is easily captured without these symbols, it is not necessary to add emotions to the text by means of them.

We advise you to follow the 2 main principles of contacting support:

1. Clear statement of the question. The more specifically you describe the situation that concerns you, which arose during communication via webcam, the faster you will receive the necessary explanations or help. If possible, attach screenshots to the sent emails that will help you to deal with problems faster and offer you acceptable solutions.

2. Politeness and compliance with "network etiquette" (netiquette). Following the unspoken principles of communication on the Web, for example, the "ban" on correspondence, which is conducted with the Caps Lock key activated, clearly demonstrates such an important quality as respect for the interlocutors. Of course, it is desirable to do without a mat and insults.

We wish you bright positive emotions from successful communication!

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